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Spread Feeder Cattle UV5 (8)

My target in this Feeder Cattle spread is slightly higher now:

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Spread Corn September-December ZC UZ5 (3)

After two months, the Corn spread UZ5 has not broken in the desired direction:

The last update of this corn spreadSpread Corn September-December ZC UZ5 (2)


Spread Feeder Cattle UV5 (7)

This Feeder Cattle spread is entering a delicate situation for shorts:

(Seasonal spread chart: Scarr Visual Trading)

I did not take any profit because the spread didn´t reach my target area. Now, I will take a loss if the spread clearly breaks the red resistance. 

My proposed objective is in this post: Spread Feeder Cattle UV5 (6)


Calendar Spread with Feeder Cattle futures: X5F6 (3)

This feeders spread is reaching record levels:

This is the actual breakout in a 4 hour chart:

I am waiting for a good reversal signal, in order to add to my short position.

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