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Seasonal Futures Spread with Heating Oil: December 15 - March 16 (2)

This Spread with Heating Oil Futures has made the expected seasonal move.

This chart shows the original idea:

And this is the actual chart of the Heating Oil spread:

The bearish movement has occured a few days before historical seasonality.

Click link to learn more about Seasonal Futures Spreads Charts.


Natural Gas, Seasonal Futures Spread Nov.15 - Jan. 16 (3)

Seasonality worked just perfect in this Natural Gas Futures Spread.

What should we do now with this winning futures spread?

In my opinion, it is a great moment to close shorts and look for other trades. The spread is close to the end of the seasonal trend.

Take a look at original proposal on August, 8: Seasonal Spread with Natural Gas Futures, Nov. 15 - Jan.16